• Lord, explain your commandments for me to learn (Ps 119:73)

    We foster the formation of future leaders of the Church

    For they will be entrusted with bringing the Word of God to the next generation.

  • A house of prayer for all peoples (Mk 11:17)

    We help build a home for the Lord

    Where they may pray as one and the Lord may hear them.

  • I have decided to write an ordered account for you (Lk 1:3)

    We provide the story of salvation in print form for young and old

    That lives may be built on the foundation that is Christ.

  • This is my body which will be given for you (Lk 22,19)

    We forward Mass Offerings to priests in need

    To secure their livelihood; to nurture the Eucharistic presence; to bring benefactors’ intentions before the altar of God.

  • Jesus found a young donkey and mounted it (Jo 12:14)

    We give more mobility to Church workers

    To bring the Good News into the closer reach of those who might otherwise seldom hear it.

  • Go to the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation (Mk 16:15)

    We support the use of mass media to make known the name of the Lord

    That those who have ears may hear and those who have eyes may see.

  • We pray … that you may bear fruit in every good work (Col 1:10)

    We care for the welfare of contemplative nuns and active religious

    Their prayer carries the work of the Church; their love is an example to others.

Aid to the Church in Need is an international charity of and for the Catholic Church. We give a voice and render relief to Catholics persecuted and oppressed for their Faith. We firmly believe the world needs a living Faith in God. Through our work we nurture a family of benefactors and project partners united in prayer and solidarity. From 24 to 28 October 2016 we are not available either by phone or by e-mail. Due to major renovation works we will move from Königstein to Kronberg/Ts. for about one year.

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