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Mass Intentions

In fulfilling our mandate to promote pastoral and religious projects of the Church in need, we also place our administrative resources at the disposal of benefactors who wish to make Mass Offerings. Mass Offerings are a key measure in safeguarding not only the sacramental life of the Church and the proclamation of the Gospel, but also the very livelihood of priests – the bearers and executors of many of our pastoral projects.

To keep Mass administration clear and manageable, we review only diocesan applications submitted by bishops on behalf of (diocesan) priests working in their dioceses or by religious superiors on behalf of the priests under their direct jurisdiction. In some Eastern European countries, we only consider the bishops’ applications for all priests working in their dioceses. We do NOT open Mass Intention projects for individual priests. Individual priests should NOT write to us, but rather approach their bishops.

Bishops or religious superiors should lodge applications for Mass Intentions ONCE a year. The stipends that we forward in a bundle are given for the period of a full year. The recipient bishop or religious superior agrees to have all the Masses celebrated ad intentionem dantis within a period of one year in accordance with CIC 953.

Check List for bishops or religious superiors as to information that needs to be provided in an application for Mass Intentions:

  • Justify why your priests need Mass Stipends and how many. (Please note that our Mass stipends should not replace those of the local faithful or reduce efforts to encourage the local faithful to support their own clergy through this ancient practice of the Church. We will give what we can - depending on availability and worldwide need.)
  • Specify the number of priests in need of Mass Stipends (or even better: attach a list of their names).
  • Bank details. (You may use our basic application form for this purpose).