Moved by the Love of Christ - serving the suffering Church

Thank you!

Dear Friend and Benefactor of Aid to the Church in Need !

The International Head Office of Aid to the Church in Need thanks you most sincerely for your tangible gesture of solidarity with the persecuted and suffering Church. We assure you that your generous gift will be used immediately to help where need and suffering are greatest and where human hearts are particularly open to receiving the Good News of Salvation in Christ.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide personal donor care from our International Head Office. Nevertheless, you can keep up with our work by subscribing to our bi-monthly newsletter, the MIRROR, or by regularly visiting the websites of one of our National Offices.

As a member of our family of benefactors, you are remembered in the prayers of the suffering Church we are able to assist thanks to your understanding and generosity. Your intentions are also remembered in the Divine Liturgies celebrated at our International Head Office in Königstein specifically for the welfare of all benefactors and project partners.

We unite with you in prayer to the God who created us, to the Son who saved us, and to the Spirit who sanctifies us.

And may the Most Holy Mother of God protect you from all harm.